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Thanks for stoppin' in and welcome to my Day Dreams.

I am a former educator turned PhD student and avid foodie. This blog contains my thoughts regarding all of these areas of my life. Take your time, browse around, and hopefully you'll find something you like. --Love, Katy

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring is on it's way...

A second entry! Progress... It could be the copious amounts of free coffee I have consumed while getting my car repaired this morning, or the fact that I am hopefully healing pretty well after surgery, but I am feeling pretty productive today.

I'm so excited to see the little glimpses of spring around. I'm done with snow and winter, so I am purposefully ignoring the inevitable coldness that will return in the coming months as the temperatures rise and fall on a semi-daily basis.

Anyway, I am really lucky to have such great friends and family- both of which were so helpful while being couch-ridden for a week (and the last few months). I have been reading Bitter is the New Black, a gift from a good friend. I haven't laughed this hard from a book in a long time. It's brilliant.

It also makes me wonder about my own dreams about creating my own business. I don't know how many people I have talked to about starting a bakery or cafe. Maybe if we all moved in to the same city it would be more possible-- or if I knew more about starting a business and had the super important first step--$$$.

Until that point (if it ever comes to be), I can still enjoy the work.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So this blog was created over a year ago...

So I created this blog over a year ago and have yet to write my true thoughts down. Fear of writing things of no consequence? yes... Fear of getting in trouble for what I actually want to write? yesss... To think it's silly that I would even be that important for it to even matter? yeah... that, too.

Regardless, (not irregardless--thanks J, had my own argument about that with someone last night), I am loving being updated on other people's lives, even those who I talk to on a regular basis, about things that I may miss day to day. Given recent events and the fact that people I love are literally located coast to coast (and sometimes around the world), I think this may be a cool way of keeping in touch with each other and sharing what's going on in our worlds.

So while this is not a revolutionary start, hopefully I will continue to think about really taking advantage of this opportunity.

We'll see....