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Friday, June 18, 2010

A change will do you good...

Hello summertime! Woooohooo! As I sit here with my mother and grandmother having a discussion about where education is going and the reality of education today, I am excited to finally write about the fact that I am going back to school in the fall to try and learn more about it myself. This fall I'll be going back to get my doctorate in educational psychology. I am psyched and I think the ridiculousness of standardized testing and the constant coverage of education cuts has made me even more determined to go advocate for our educators and do research to show what is going on in education today.

Granted, I'm totally terrified but I know that this is the next step for me to be taking. Thanks to all of the support from my family and friends--it was not an easy decision and I am still working on all the specifics, but there is now a feeling of peace and a readiness that has developed as I approach the starting line. I know this has a lot to do with all the encouragement I am receiving-- so HUGE thanks.

I feel that the twenties is a great time of change. People graduating, getting married, changing careers, having babies, becoming a responsible adult- that is a lot to take on in a decade! At times it makes me feel that I don't know crap--and this is probably true. I will say that it is nice to step on to the next phase and have some feeling of solid direction and settling (we'll see how I feel in the fall). It comes with a lot of anxiety, but I'm pumped to say the least.

On a lighter note, would love to share some "good things":

Finished the Race for the Cure in 35.45. Had SUCH a blast with my friends and felt honored to run for Ann and Suzanne and all my other friends who have been touched by this disease. What an empowering feeling to see all the people running for that cause.

Got to see 1 year old Shelby- although for only a few minutes, it is always such a rush of happiness to see her smiling face! I also got to introduce her to my department which was really fun.

Had a great time babysitting the newest addition, Riley, yesterday and hangin out with my cousin, C. I've got some pictures below. I really treasure my family time--we're very blessed. Really looking forward to heading to the beach in a few weeks! Wee!

Life is good... summer is awesome. YAY!