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Thursday, April 29, 2010

How long til my soul gets it right?

They're still alive! Amazing... I always have such a hard time with plants--mostly because they don't tell me what they need--are you hungry? Do you need more sun? Less? OH! you're still there... forgot--since you make no noise.

Sometimes lately I feel like this is how I treat areas of my life. I feel like there are always so many things that I should be managing. How's my financial portfolio (or lack thereof)? Which people have I not contacted in an absurd amount of time? Have I made all of my yearly doctor's appointments, crap... I haven't worked out in three days. Yet, like my plants, these things aren't screaming for me to update them, contact them, etc. Sometimes I feel like I am scrambling just to keep it all afloat--watering areas of my life when they start to wilt rather than regularly tending to them so that wiltage (yeah, I made that word up) isn't even a possibility.

And props to all you parents out there-- how do you have the energy, much less the memory, to be taking care of all of these things for you AND your kids... although, at least they tell you when they need food.

Anyway, I can't say that I have this particular issue figured out. I'll let you know when I do... in the meantime, I'm going to go water the plants.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The fate of Education

So, a few weeks ago I attended the County Commissioners meeting to discuss cuts to education in the coming year. I know it has been awhile, but I still feel the need to discuss what happened since it will definitely be affecting us next year.

I was so impressed and inspired by all the people that spoke and told their stories. It was also extremely scary to realize the impact that this will have on our educators and our children.

Here is basically what I said during the meeting:

I have been a counselor in the public schools for three years and I am begging you not to cut education this year.
Now I know that it is extremely difficult to balance a budget on a deficit. Trust me, in the absence of my experience pay and spontaneous furlough funds being taken out of my paycheck, I have experience-- even if it is on a smaller scale.
I came to North Carolina to get my degree as a counselor from one of the best schools in the nation- the University of North Carolina. I fell in love with this area and have worked with the best teachers I have ever seen.
I came in to this profession at the beginning of these cuts and I have had a case load of over 500 students- 10 to 15 in our middle school for three years. As the economy has suffered, our children suffer. I have never seen so many children with so many needs in my life--ranging from homelessness to depression to suicidal ideation and child abuse. But for these students, school is one of the few places they can go to feel safe and see a future.
As these classrooms grow and their needs become more severe, we are left with not more help, but more cuts. And it is not just in our building but also those services outside our school that we need to help our kids.
On a personal note, I have also held four jobs for the past two years (one of which was cut this year) in order to try and keep myself afloat--to pay for the job that I wanted to do. Needless to say, the effect is not only felt in the classroom, but at home.
I tell these children every day-education is their ticket. This is their ticket to the life they want to live, the things they want to have-- the ability to choose the job they want, not one that is chosen for them.
Please do not make this an empty promise--please do not make me a liar.

I seriously worry about what will happen to our kids. This is the foundation of our society and the most important thing for our children. I just hope that people will listen and that not just the educators will speak up for what is happening to our community.