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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Never Aim For Perfection, Always Aim For Excellence

What a week! I started my graduate program on Tuesday and that was a swift kick in the tail! The last few weeks have been difficult while taking this new turn in my life, but this week was like pulling onto a highway in the middle of Atlanta at 5:00 on a Friday. Choice words were said, tears were shed, and the prayers were made in hopes of survival.

Regardless, I am inspired and excited for what is to come. I only hope that I can raise the bar and achieve these things that I want so badly. It is no joke when people say that being out of school makes it harder to go back. I find myself trying to remember how I read through all these articles so quickly, but managed to get the important information out of them? How do I write a paper? How do I remind myself of huge assignments?

Sidebar-just ran out of the amazing coffee my sister brought to the beach...this is a shameless plug to have that be my Christmas present! hint hint...

I think one of the things that I see being the hardest part of all this is how to organize my life. The past two times that I went to school (yeah... two already!). Most of the people around me were also in school. Hence, we had similar schedules, could relate when one of us couldn't be fun for the weekend because we had a paper, and spontaneous bouts of crying/falling asleep at random ten minute intervals in the day was normal.

It's going to take a lot more effort, on my part, to make sure I set some limits on myself, communicate with others about their schedules and mine, and learn the word "no" (the no part was from a 15 minute lecture from my doctor on the importance of that word in going back to school). I know it'll take some time and now that I have an assistantship (praise the Lord!), things may be a little more predictable in the short run. I say this, which means I'll break my leg tomorrow and throw the whole thing off.

And finally- I just need to suck it up and go with it. This is what I want, so I should just be happy about it. AND I found out that 2 girls in my program just had babies (one during her first year of this). If they can do it, I sure as heck better be able to! Dang!

Anyway, now that I have enjoyed my coffee, it's time to get started on the daily chores and my paper. I will leave you with a face that always makes me smile.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Change will do you good....and give you anxiety

Oh man y'all, I tell you--even good stress is still stress. I have been a giant nut lately with all the impending changes that are approaching in a matter of about a week or so and I am responding in two ways:

A: Being a lazy bum:
-haven't run in over a week
-spend hours trying to read all the books I have gotten from the library before I have to read text books
-wanting to stress eat sweets is at a high (see first bullet under point A)

B: Being super crazy energizer bunny with sporadic bouts of uncontrollable tears
-scheduling how to watch supernatural in the fall has taken up more hours than I am proud of and caused too many arguments (not kidding)
-I have made sure to make a shower one of the priorities of the day on more than one occasion (because it just hasn't happened since... hmm)
-should not be allowed to drive as I continually recalculate my new proposed budget in my head and simultaneously ream myself for giving in to starbucks and spending 4 dollars on a chocolate coconut frappacino (by the way-tastes like a mounds bar in a cup- DELICIOUS!) and subsequently forget where I am going

On a positive note, my closet/desk hasn't ever been cleaner, the books I have read have been excellent, and I have tried some new workouts at home.

The problem here is, I just haven't set my schedule yet. I'm confident that it will get better soon (right kids?!). I know this is a silly entry, but thought that I would share- and apologize to my loved ones for my craziness and thank you for setting me straight :). Love y'all--